Our servers

Our Battlefield 4 servers are based on the ZloEmu emulator and the process of playing them depends only on your preferences. If you are missing something - let us know!


Feel yourself part of a large team on our MIX server!


Find friends and become a part of professionals, participating in tournaments on our CW server


Feel the realism on a truly hardcore server!

Your stats BF4

Find out how good you are with our game statistics!

Here you can:

Find out how many fighters have fallen before you and how many times you have fallen!
Find out who your worst enemy is and what he uses to fight against you!
See on those , who was seen for the unfair game

And much more!

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If you were banned and want to be unbanned, then send a letter through the form, according to the following requirements:

1) Message subject: Ban-appeal
2) Message must contain:
  - Your nickname
  - The date of the last game
  - Your evidence

Be polite and your question is decided in your favor!